Our Services

Preparation for Study

There are several ‘big picture’ elements that need to be considered early in the process. This includes eligibility for US financial aid and scholarships, safe transfer of tuition fees across currencies, guarantees and insurance, and recognition of transfer credit/UK degrees. At Stonebridge we can advise on all of these elements, helping students and their parents/carers to put together a deliverable plan.

Application and Visa Support

Application processes are many and varied, and it can be difficult to work out exactly what is required and how to present it. Once an application has been accepted by the host institution, Stonebridge will help with visa applications – whether this be light-touch for short-term programmes or more extensive for students transferring to the UK for a longer study program.

Arrival and Orientation

Arriving in good order is key to a successful start to a study program. We make sure that our students have had the opportunity to recover from jetlag and establish basic services such as obtaining a UK SIM card and exchanging money before joining other new students on campus. Sessions are held to prepare students for typical British idiosyncrasies, so Stonebridge students arrive on campus well informed and eager for new experiences.

Ongoing Support

Once integrated into the host campus, Stonebridge continues to provide an additional support network. All UK host institutions have a full complement of support services, but experience shows that some students are slow to identify their own needs in a new environment. Stonebridge counsellors remain in touch with the group throughout the study period, providing additional support and experience of adjustment from the US to the UK.

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