Why study in the UK

Tuition is often less expensive in the UK, even when compared to the majority of in state institutions. For students working with
Stonebridge the price of accommodation will be included in the program cost, so you can see exactly what you will need to complete your degree.

University Partners

Our university partners are FAFSA accredited, allowing you to keep your Federal Student Aid while studying abroad.

transfer credit

All our partners recognise your transfer credits earned through community college or course work done through high school. You will be able to join the degree program at the right level for you.


English and Welsh undergraduate courses are three years in duration and masters degrees are one year. Coming from a Community College, you would join an undergraduate degree for the second and final years.

European cities and their distance from London


London Paris

Duration 2 h 15 min


London Amsterdam

Duration 1 h 15 min


London Brussels

Duration 2 h


London Rome

Duration 2 h 30 min


London Berlin

Duration 1 h 45 min